EIA Data Connector

OilStat.com introduces Data Connector for the data series published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Data sets can be accessed in Excel, Power BI and other business intelligence platforms or your business systems with no add-ons using already built-in data access methods.

Each data set can be accessed by a URL listed in the table below. To use these URL’s in Office 365 / Excel 2016, first select the Data Tab and then follow by clicking Get Data > From Other Sources > From OData Feed. Copy and paste the URL corresponding to the data set you are interested in from the the table below and then you can access all the subcategories and their data points. For complete instructions on how to use our connector including Excel 2013 , Excel 2010 or Power BI please refer to the How-to section. We have also compiled an FAQ list to provide you with more information about our connector.

Starting September 2020, you need an access key to use EIA Data Connector full functionality. Your Free access key allows you to query up to four categories per month. We also provide two paid subscription tiers - Pro and Enterprise - for usres who need premium access to our connector. See Pricing page for options. Following URL’s with no access key would only return a limited number of rows for evaluation purposes. Please login / register to view them with your unique key embedded.
Dataset URL
Natural Gas
Crude Oil Imports
International Energy Data
International Energy Outlook
Short-Term Energy Outlook
Total Energy
Annual Energy Outlook 2020
CO2 Emissions
US Electrical System Operating Data
State Energy Data System (SEDS)
Drilling Productivity Report (DPR)
  DPR is not part of the core data set published by EIA. It is provided and updated separately.

Datasets from Other Sources

Baker Hughes Rig Count Report
OPEC MOMR (Monthly Oil Market Report)
OPEC ASB (Annual Statistical Bulletin)
BP Statistical Review
JODI (Joint Oil Data Initiative)

* The above URL's cannot be used directly in Web browsers to view and access data sets. You need to follow the mentioned instructions to use them as OData data sources.

** All data is © U.S. Energy Information Administration. Please refer to the TOS for usage terms.