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File Type   Description
North America Rig Count.pbit Power BI Key indicators and visuals on rig count data from its authorative data publisher Baker Hughes Company. Data is pubished and updated weekly.
North America Rig Count.xlsx Excel
US Refinery.pbit Power BI This report captures refinery activity based on inputs and capacity utilization. It also provides the current trend for inputs and production compared vs highs and lows of prior 5-year trend.
US Refinery.xlsx Excel
US Petroleum Stocks.pbit Power BI Crude oil and other petroleum stocks changes compared vs last priods. Two year trend of stocks vs highs and lows of prior 5-year trend and other visuals to give you a complete picture on various petroleum stock inventory movements.
US Petroleum Stocks.xlsx Excel
US Renewables and Emissions.pbit Power BI Electricity generation from various renewable sources, CO2 emissions by fuel and other related graphs.
US Renewables and Emissions.xlsx Excel
Production, Consumption & Prices.pbit Power BI Petroleum products produciton, consumption and prices in the last 10 to 15 years along with short range foreacast per EIA's STEO (Short Term Energy Outlook) are subject of this report. Data is updated monthly.
Production, Consumption & Prices.xlsx Power BI
Annual Energry Outlook 2021.pbit Power BI This report realizes most of the visuals illustrated in EIA Annual Energy Outlook. This include the history data and EIA forecasts till 2050 for various scenarios. Data for this report is updated annaul ly around Feb.
Annual Energry Outlook 2021.xlsx Power BI